Upcoming Films

  • Mission:Impossible - Ghost Protocol


    Tom Cruise takes the reigns once more as Ethan Hunt the special forces master of disguise - more details to follow soon.  

  • Rock of Ages


    A small-town girl arrives in Hollywood at the height of the 1980s rock-music scene - more details to be announced soon.  

  • Top Gun 2


    Top Gun 2 will not be a re-make of the original but a new story that will see Maverick take to the skies once more 

Tom Cruise Biography

With a score of films portraying the versatility of his acting ability in diverse roles for close to 30 years, Tom Cruise cannot be labelled a fading star. Tom Cruise films still reel in the viewers and the actor's youthful looks matched by his energy and persona will undoubtedly ensure that he will continue to enthral audiences for decades to come. Learn more…